Yalong Bay

Sanya is bordered by mountains in the north and the sea in the south. The terrain gradually slopes from north to south, forming a narrow and long polygonal shape. The coastline is 258.65 kilometers long and there are 19 large and small harbors. The main ports are Sanya Port, Yulin Port, Nanshan Port, Tielu Port and Liudao Port. The main bays include Sanya Bay, Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay, Yazhou Bay, Dadong Bay, and Moon Bay. There are 40 large and small islands and 10 major islands.

Yalong Bay is the most worthwhile beach in Sanya. The sand is soft, the sea is blue, and there are layering feelings. There are also many activities to play in Yalong Bay. Adults can play motorboats, sailing, surfing, diving, swimming, sea parachutes, etc. Children can play beach toys, beach buggy, swimming, and they won’t feel boring every day. Yalong Bay’s water is very clear and is suitable for snorkeling. There are many five-star hotels there for you to stay in Yalong Bay.

Yalong Bay is very beautiful and the sky is very blue, and taking pictures is like shooting a big movie. It is a good choice for picking shells, swimming and walking there. This is a place suitable for comfortable living. Looking at the sea, watching the sky, you will feel life very pleasant. It is a place worth taking photos, as the blue sky, the white clouds and the wide sea are charming, and the off-season travel in Yalong Bay is more cost-effective. There is a market nearby, and there are many seafood restaurants inside.

What you feel at the beach in Yalong Bay is its exquisiteness. And you can also feel its special momentum. Surrounded by green hills, Yalong Bay stretches out to the sea against the backdrop of the blue sky and the white clouds, welcoming the gentle waves and kisses of the waves there. It is a great place for enjoying vacation.

The End of the Earth and the Corner

For the ticket of the End of the Earth and the Corner, it will cost 81 yuan/adult, and some individual platforms will cost just 76 yuan. The entire scenic area is less than three kilometers horizontally, and it takes about three hours to tour there. You can also take a battery car in the scenic area, which costs 15 yuan per person, so that the tour time can save about one hour, and the principle of the battery car is also unified, with the ticket to get on and off at any stop, one-way round-trip is limited to one time. Entering the scenic area and moving forward directly, you will find that there will be a sightseeing platform with steps on both sides, and going down to the beach, not far from the sea you will see the sun-moon stone.

In the End of the Earth and the Corner scenic spot, going to the Haijiao Stone will be the end, the entrance and exit is together, so you need to return the original way. Returning to the central square of the scenic spot, you will also find that there are many sculptures of historical celebrities. There are also grass fields, swimming pools, simulation ornaments and so on that are specially designed for wedding photography. For this part of the small tour point, before leaving the scenic spot, you can go to there to visit, so that there is no detour or you won’t miss them. The walking tour of the entire scenic spot takes less than two and a half hours and varies from person to person, but it is recommended that the entire scenic spot be visited for three hours.

Thousands of years of accumulation have carried a rich and profound cultural connotation. The End of the Earth and the Corner, along the way, has beautiful scenery, giving people the greatest feeling on the blue sky, blue water, green mountain and captivating scenery. If you don’t go to the end of the earth, you do not know how high the sky is, and if you do not go to the end of the corner, you do not know how deep the sea is.

Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone

If you have never been to the real “Maldives”, just come to China’s “Maldives” for fun, which means the Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone, whose tickets include ferry tickets. And there are many people queuing up on the island. There are two routes running at the same time, which can be reached the island in 20 minutes. In the middle of the island it is a commercial area and a coral hotel. On the left side there is an area where the water entertainment items at your own expense and the beach, and on the right, it is the battery car waiting area. Tourists around the island can’t walk, they have to take a battery car. There are two kinds of car prices: 80 yuan to stop at two attractions, 120 yuan to stop at six attractions. The driver will explain every attraction for tourists on the way. At the same time, you can see the most beautiful scenery on the island. Looking at the sky and the sea, you can also feel that the waves are tempted to beat the reef. There are also many water projects, whose prices are transparent, and there are packages and individual items. If you don’t want to take part in the water project, you can look at the sea, step on the sand, step on the water, to have a different taste. People who like to play the sports projects on the island can buy the package, as all items can be played.

When you go to the island, you must choose a big ship, as the small boat fluctuates too much, and it is closed. It’s easy to get seasick. It takes nearly an hour to get on the ship after you get off the island.

Wuzhizhou Island is a must-see attraction for Sanya tour in China. It is a paradise on earth. The scenery on the island is beautiful, and the shape of the beautiful flowers can be seen everywhere in the island, and there are privately-made shooting places. The Lover Bridge is very beautiful, but the most beautiful scenery is at the seaside, as the sea is really crystal clear. It is a great place to have holidays or honeymoon.