Qinghai Attractions

Qinghai Provincial Museum

Qinghai Provincial Museum is located at Xinning Square in Xining City. Although it is not a large provincial museum, it is also a good place to learn about Qinghai’s history and cultures of various ethnic groups. In addition, there are exhibition explanations on Tibetan Buddhism and Islamic cultural systems in the museum, which is very helpful for later travel around Qinghai.

The museum mainly has two floors, but the first floor is now rented by some units, and there are also shops selling handicrafts and other souvenirs. Occasionally there will be temporary exhibitions on the first floor, so you can visit them if you encounter them. The permanent exhibition area is located on the second floor and is mainly divided into two parts, namely the Qinghai Historical and Cultural Relics Exhibition and the Qinghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition. It takes about one and a half hours to stroll through the two exhibition halls.

The Qinghai Historical and Cultural Relics Exhibition is a chronological exhibition of the history of Qinghai. Follow the indicated passage to visit, and you can see the historical relics of Qinghai from ancient times to the present. The exhibition is divided into two parts: prehistoric civilization and historical relics. The Zhasak silver seal of the Qing Dynasty and the largest bronze weapon unearthed in China-the bronze spear are all treasures in the collection. There are also many quiet and beautiful potteries from the Majiayao culture in the northwest. You can learn about the story behind them according to the instructions.

The Qinghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition showcases the culture and customs of many ethnic groups in Qinghai. There are many models, sand tables, etc. that show Qinghai’s many festivals, etiquette, singing and dancing and other arts and culture. In addition, there are many cultural relics of Tibetan Buddhism in the museum, such as thangka, mandala, etc. Among them, the gilt bronze statue of Guanyin gifted by Emperor Yongle in the Ming Dynasty is the treasure of the entire museum. You can learn about it.

In Qinghai Provincial Museum, you can learn about the connotation and art of Tibetan Buddhism, and it can also offer help for your travel to other religious sites.

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