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TEDA Aircraft Theme Park

TEDA Aircraft Theme Park is a reconstruction of the aircraft carrier Kiev. The internal facilities and combat equipment of the aircraft carrier have been reset. You can visit and understand the scenes of operations and life on the aircraft carrier, as well as large-scale performances that reproduce the aircraft carrier operations. At the same time, the architecture of the scenic spot and many performances are themed to show Russian customs, which is grand and wonderful.

The park is close to the sea, and the huge aircraft carrier docks on the sea next to the square. The park area is not large. You can walk and play after entering the scenic area. It takes about half a day to visit the scenic area and watch the performance. There are many Chinese and Western restaurants and several cafes in the scenic area, where you can eat and rest, but the price will be higher than outside, you can bring your own food to enter into the scenic spot.

Entering the scenic spot from the parking lot which is located on the south side of the scenic spot, you can first see a piece of Russian characteristic architecture, here is the Russian style street. The street is about one or two hundred meters long. The roads and houses are brightly colored. There are several Russian western restaurants, cafes, and shops that make and sell Russian dolls and other handicrafts. If you are lucky, you can see the production process of the dolls.

After walking through Russian style street, you will come to the square in the center of the scenic spot. There is a uniquely designed building on the east and north sides of the square. After visiting the two buildings, you will come to the aircraft carrier on the seashore. The interior of the carrier has been restored to the scene of service. There are dozens of projects in the ship, such as the combat command center, the intelligence module, the aircraft carrier science and technology museum, the ship development history, the sailor tilt cabin, and the warrior corridor. There are photo displays, artifact displays, and many weapons facilities. In addition, the most popular performance in the scenic spot-Carrier Storm, is held every day on the aircraft carrier, which truly reproduces the intense scenes of the aircraft carrier battle, and it is very exciting and can be watched in the stands outside the aircraft carrier. At the same time, there will be Russian singing and dancing performances every day on the flyover outside the aircraft carrier, which is gorgeous and romantic, and just don’t miss it.

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