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Beijing Wildlife Park

Beijing Wildlife Park is located in the forest in Daxing District, about 40 kilometers away from the urban area. There are more than two hundred animals in the park, with tens of thousands of them. It is a paradise for children to visit and learn. Many animals in the garden adopt free-range methods. You can observe the animals up close in the iron cage, and you can also feed them, which is full of fun.

Beijing Wildlife Park has a large area, about 1.5 kilometers in depth and about 4 kilometers in a circle. The gate of the scenic spot is located on the west side. After entering the gate from the west side, there are two routes, namely the south line and the north line. Both the south line and the north line lead to the inner free-range area.

The general travel route is to walk in from the southern line, and visit the various areas of the southern line first. Then take a feeding cart through the free-range area, and then walk out from the northern line. It takes about half a day to visit the entire park.

Enter from the park gate located on the west side, and the southern line is located on the left and right, and you can walk along the road. The walking distance of the southern line is about 1 km. The animals here are raised and exhibited in the same way as the general zoo. The main venues include the Lion and Tiger Pavilion, the Lion and Baboon Pavilion, and the Monkey Pavilion. You can watch them one by one, and you can also see the scene of the lion and the baboon in the same room.

At the end of the southern line, there is an animal performance field where you can watch animal performances, including bear acrobatics, monkey riding, lion ring drilling and other projects, which are very interesting. After watching the animal show, you can come to the animal free-range area, where you need to visit it by taking the sightseeing car. Sitting in the feeding cart can observe the animals up close and feed them.

The end of the car dealership is the starting point of the northern line. There is a mini animal free-range area where you can rent a battery car to enter. The animals here are relatively safe. You can feed herbivores such as alpacas and deer, and you can also interact with the animals.

There are mostly bird exhibition halls on the northern line. You can see flamingos, peacocks and other beautiful birds, as well as parrots that can talk to people. It is very interesting. There is a waterfowl lake on the north line. Swans and other birds roam in the lake during the shadow time, and the environment is leisurely and beautiful. The walking distance of the northern line is about 1.5 kilometers. At the end, you return to the gate of the scenic spot, and you can leave from here.

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